our philosophy

Our Vision


We supply high-quality football development and education provision, for the benefit of young aspiring learners. Through our top-class facilities, resources and structure we will be strengthening the skillset of our students and players, allowing them to follow a variety of pathways into the football and fitness industry. Success can be immediate or destined for the future and we aim to deliver the necessary tools our students will need to achieve that. With the football industry forever growing, the opportunities and jobs available are becoming limitless. Taking the stepping stones to those pathways start here and what better place to start. You can see more through our brochure about the outstanding provisions we offer as well as the remarkable facilities we have access to, and the significant partnerships to create our academy.” 

Our Philosophy


Our coaching philosophy is and will be player centred. Coaching can be defined as helping an athlete prepare, develop and enhance their sport performance. Coaching involves many aspects such as teaching, instructing, motivating and more which can have an impact in many areas of an individual’s life. 

A player will meet the game where the coach presents it to them and therefore being a coach should be an honour and privilege and something that should not be taken lightly.  

We feel that to be a successful coach we need to focus on preparation and make sure that no stone is unturned, we will be and need to be positive, a role model and use the skills of our personalities to get the best out of individuals and collectively to ensure that the players experience is both unique and enriching. 

Winning is important and we don’t want to undervalue this but winning is certainly not the only thing and for us the journey is far more important than the outcome. If you put the right building blocks then winning should come naturally and should not be forced. These building blocks include a mantra of making people better themselves. If we gain and continue to gain knowledge of our sport, then it will result in more knowledge to be passed on and therefore education has the opportunity to expand. We want to be honest, hardworking, build confidence, take away fear, be patient but most of all inspire and motivate each and every player to achieve goals that they set through standards that we create.


Our Mantra


Procision Oxford’s Standards Creed:

  1. Turn up early, ready to work on time.  - Have fun, in doing so provide humour and work hard whilst doing it.  
  2. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.  
  3. Be passionate. ±Don’t be afraid to disagree but more importantly share your opinions.  
  4. Don’t be afraid of being centre of attention (it can provide confidence and self-esteem for others). 
  5. Involve everybody and create a team ethos. 
  6. Underdog spirit, fight to the last.  
  7. Do not accept average, set an example, be the best that you can be. 
  8. Set the standards of yesterday, today, and continue setting the standards tomorrow.